All About Me

Hey! My name is Jessica. I have a family of four which consist of my mother, father, and my five year old sister. The three of us lived in China before my sister was born. We moved to Canada when I was three years old. My family is important to me because without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. They have supported and taught me many things throughout my life.

I would describe myself as an artsy person. I enjoy cooking, drawing, sewing, and reading. I could do any of these four things for hours and hours. When I am stressed out, I like to pull out a book or a pen and pencil. I love to cook because I can share my food with my family and friends. It makes me feel good when I see them enjoy my food. I have always been interested in textiles because I like fashion. Textiles allows me to make my own clothes without spending too much money. Why buy clothes when you can make your own?

My goals are to work hard in high school and maintain my good grades so that I can someday go to university and become successful. After, I plan on joining a teaching program and getting a job as an elementary teacher. I hope to earn enough money to travel the world and visit places such as Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand.


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