The Geography of Canada

Canada and Australia are different for many reasons. Their seasons and climates are totally the opposite, literally. When it is summer in Canada, it is winter in Australia. Even the winters in Australia feel just like summer. Australia is summer all year round while Canada has four distinctive seasons. Their locations are also different. Canada is on one side of the world, while Australia is on the other. Australia is also remote…and some places in Australia are really remote. Most of the population of Canada is right next to the U.S. border, so we have huge impacts culturally from our cousin to the south.(Kurucz, 2014)

Despite the fact that Australia has some of the warmest weather in the world, beautiful scenery and a culture which is varied and historic, it would appear that the standard of living available in the country is its biggest attraction.(Benson, 2012) There was 26% who voted that the standard of living was the main reason they wanted to move to Australia. Many people want to move to Canada because Canada rated as the world’s best advanced economy, one of the world’s safest countries, and the world’s soundest banking system. Canada and Australia are both popular countries to live in. They are both the world’s most multicultural countries.

Canada’s weather and activities associated with it, shapes the people and culture because cold winters give Canadians an opportunity to play hockey, and that is why hockey is Canada’s main sport. Being in the north gives Canada cold winters, and generally those from other countries stereotype Canada. Due to many immigrants moving to Canada, we are bilingual and multicultural. Australia’s unique geography effects its people because of its location. Since it is an island, Australia needs to have a larger Navy to protect the entire country. Another reason Australia’s unique geography effects its people is when it split from Asia. If that hadn’t happened, Australia wouldn’t have the unique animals it has today.


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