Smoke Signals Movie Review

“You know the only thing more pathetic than Indians on T.V.? Indians watching Indians on T.V.!” -Thomas Builds-The-Fire “Smoke Signals” uses a unique way to lessen and inform people about the typical stereotypes about First Nations. In typical Hollywood movies, they portray First Nations as savages and hunters that are chased by cowboys. “Smoke Signals” […]

Lives of Women

Over the last 200 years, women have been treated as objects and accessories for men. Women have fought very hard for their rights and dignity. Many things like religion and society have taken away their freedom and prevented them from expressing themselves. Even though women have worked hard to improve their lives, there are still […]

The Geography of Canada

Canada and Australia are different for many reasons. Their seasons and climates are totally the opposite, literally. When it is summer in Canada, it is winter in Australia. Even the winters in Australia feel just like summer. Australia is summer all year round while Canada has four distinctive seasons. Their locations are also different. Canada […]

All About Me

Hey! My name is Jessica. I have a family of four which consist of my mother, father, and my five year old sister. The three of us lived in China before my sister was born. We moved to Canada when I was three years old. My family is important to me because without them, I […]